It is not uncommon for individuals or businesses to find themselves involved in a legal dispute. Disputes of this nature, such as a breach of contract, typically fall under what is known as civil litigation which entails the use of courts, arbitrators, or mediators. The objective of the civil courts is to right a wrong, honor an agreement, or to obtain compensation. When you are involved in a civil litigation matter, you want to aggressively protect your rights against claims, or defenses. Whether you are a plaintiff or defendant, hiring The Finch Law Firm, qualified civil litigation attorneys, is crucial in achieving a successful outcome in your case.

Civil Litigation Practice Areas Include (But NOT Limited To):

• FraudBench
• Breach of contract
• Unfair business practices
• Business disputes
• Non-compete covenants
• Breach of warranties
• Employment litigation
• Real estate litigation
• Premises liability
• Lien Law

The Finch Law Firm represents clients principally in Brazoria, Ft. Bend and Harris Counties, but also in other counties in Texas. We are there for you when a dispute cannot be resolved. We help clients reach beneficial settlements, or litigate matters in court when necessary. The Finch Law Firm works closely with clients to explain and evaluate claims and defenses to develop an effective and sound legal strategy. We help clients prepare for their case and counsel them on effective steps and procedures that will guide them through the legal process. As trained and experienced trial attorneys, when necessary, we will engage and work closely with experts including investigators, analyst, physicians, and other relevant professionals to ensure that you receive effective legal representation.